As a carpenter I need to keep my body in good working order. I've been a client with Alex for the last 6 years and her help has been invaluable to me. She has a clear understanding of how the body works and can communicate that to me. She uses her many-disciplined approach to help solve my issues and keep me able to perform my work. She recently helped me overcome a frozen shoulder condition - I can't thank her enough!

Andy Wood - Wood Construction Co., Inc., Chapel Hill, NC


I first went to Alex when I was sitting 10 hours a day for years and had developed some very bad posture habits and resulting physical issues.  Even though I was exercising intensely on weekends, the Monday-Friday sitting routine was causing my muscles to compensate as best as they could and I had developed some odd body mechanics.  I had 12 KMI Structural Integration sessions with Alex and through her incredible knowledge, listening, and bodywork skills, she was able to 'realign' those parts of my body that had become out of kilter for years.  Quite amazing.  Since then, I have become much more active on a regular basis, although still quite intensely.  I see Alex for minor aches and pains, some old, some new.  Alex has an amazing ability to listen, synthesizing my physical history and issues, and then developing and executing the plan to help. 

I am constantly amazed of how Alex can work on and isolate both superficial and deeper levels of fascia, muscles, and tendons as necessary.  And more impressive is her biomechanical knowledge to tell me to move a certain muscle a few degrees so as to contact the muscle at its optimal position.  I feel fortunate to have access to someone with the technical knowledge of the entire physiology of the body, the physical ability to isolate deep tissue effectively, superb listening skills to understand the root cause, good sense of humor, and who provides an overall enjoyable session on all aspects.  I always look forward to sessions with Alex and always recommend her to anyone who is looking for bodywork for any reason.

JoAnn F, Durham, NC


I went to Alex Hamer seeking relief for an overworked shoulder; I left with a life-changing bit of new body awareness. Her skills and knowledge of body mechanics run deep--combined with her inquisitive mind and willingness to listen, it's a dream session of bodywork for any performer who asks odd things of his/her body. More plusses--her comfortable studio is close to downtown, and her rates are competitive. Very highly recommended for artists and performers of any type.

Jo Ann Daugherty - Conductor, Jersey Boys 2nd National Tour, 2012


I was in town with the Jersey Boys second National tour for three weeks and was very fortunate to have Alexandra work on me during that time. I had a tendonitis issue, and through her extensive knowledge of how muscle groups and tendons work, she GREATLY helped me with very focused orthopedic massage. I can't recommend Alexandra highly enough. She's a very good listener, and will work closely with you to help with whatever issue you may have.  

Ryan Bennett - Drums, Jersey Boys Second National Tour, 2012


I came to Alex for massage as an addition to ongoing chiropractic care and acupuncture for a chronic debilitating condition. I was absolutely blown away by her experience and brilliant touch. As I heal, she shifts her approach to tailor and compliment my rehabilitation. Her massage is not only blissful but both functional and targeted to my needs. After every session, I leave with less pain and more body intelligence than before. Not to mention her studio has a wonderful energy and is conveniently located. I feel extremely grateful to have Alex as a healer here in Durham.



I have worked with Alex for various issues including migraine, upper back tightness and muscle spasm, hip and shoulder tightness, and have always been quite amazed at how knowledgeable and technically excellent she is.  She’s not your run-of-the-mill massage therapist, but more of a bodywork master.  Not only will she provide bodywork, she is more than happy to share references such as articles, books, and names of other providers, embracing a very holistic approach to resolving issues.  If you want someone who understands the body and is more than willing to teach you more about your own body while directly addressing your current issues, she’s the therapist for you!

Kim - Durham, NC


For the past 10+ years, I have had the privilege of being a client of Alex Hamer. Spiritually and physically, her care has kept me healthy and helped me to weather some major personal challenges. I tell friends of mine who insist that massage is a ‘luxury’, that I am the physically healthy and spiritually grounded person that I am because I truly believe in the power of massage and that it should be part of every person's ‘self-care’ regimen. Alex helps me achieve that.

BJ - Durham, NC


I completed the KMI 12-series with Alex in 2014-15.  Working with Alex was life-changing.  She has the kind of expertise that you willingly surrender your being to.  She is also kind, and knowledgeable, and pure fun to work with.  I do not move or sit or stand the way I used to--not perfect but I am markedly more at ease.  The experience opened up new ways of physically being in the world that I continue to work with and explore.  I loved in particular our conversations about how KMI overlaps or can work with other kind of movement practices (in my case yoga).  I have much gratitude for our work together! 

Deborah - Physician, Chapel Hill, NC


I'm feeling pretty good after that treatment. I've noticed that my legs feel like they are a little more "under" me. I also was able to squat a lot more weight at the gym than I ever have before, which felt really nice. 

DCW - Durham, NC


The silver lining of my TMJ is that it brought me to Alex. She dealt with my jaw pain and started the long journey with me to try to untangle so many of my other issues.

Cheryl - Durham, NC


I can feel the change in myself through the weeks of Structural Integration work with Alex.  I stand taller, I breathe deeper, and I walk, stand and sit more easily.

Linda W. - Cary, NC


I’d be happy to say how wonderful you are!  You fixed me.  My right shoulder is almost 100%, my left is getting there. I don’t think I would have recovered from frozen shoulder(s) so well if you hadn’t been working on me. Couldn’t have survived the pain if it wasn’t for you. 

Nancy - Durham, NC

Since moving to the south two years ago I have been searching for a therapist who can continue to help my body feel the best it can be and to address any acute issues that arise. Most of the therapists I have found in VA where I live offer what I call "cruise ship massages". While this might be fine for some it is not what I was looking for.

Since I train for my sport in Durham regularly I happened upon Alex's site and figured I would give it a try. I am hooked. First, Alex spends a great deal of time getting to know you. She then makes sure you are comfortable with her technique and is always happy to explain why your body might be reacting to a stressor. She is clearly passionate and knowledgable about the work she does and encourages you as the client to interact with her in order to obtain maximum results. When you return for the next session she knows exactly where she left off and can compare your body's ability to previous visits. On top of all this she has a very calming presence and is very easy to talk with.

I really look forward to my sessions with her and plan to continue these even for maintenance of my body. I would highly recommend Alex.